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At Muscular Rehabilitation Center, We care about you. With our many services, we strive to help you feel better, with less pain and more mobility. With many years of experience and varied expertise, our therapists excel in many modalities. We work with athletes, Personal Trainers, yoga instructors, and the weekend warrior. We also work with injuries not related to sports. Car Accident incidents, falls, repetitive movement stress, computer neck tightness, low back injuries, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, strains and pulls. Any form of soft tissue pain is addressed and worked with. We try to find a natural solution for you pain so that you can live a carefree and fun filled life with movement and flexibility. 
Strive to be your best
We will help you achieve your goals. Be it a sports event, a personal record or a cleaner lifestyle with better food choices. We will help you look for the goal and take steps to achieve your personal best.
Wellness Coach
Personal Trainer
Work with our Wellness Coaches to help achieve your fitness, health and well being goals. 
Learn how to correctly do exersices so that you prevent injuries and restore proper function to muscles, tendons and ligaments that are healing from injury.

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